Vibratory Stress Relieving

The art of stress relief through the application of generating high amplitude, gradually decaying vibration to induce the stabilzation of metal.

The residual stresses in the manufacture of metal parts will cause them to distort either during the manufacturing process and/or later during the useful life of the part.

Thermal heat treatment form of stress relief may result in some loss of strength in the part, some distortion during the process, and possible oxidation of the surface of the part.

Vibratory stress modification is an alternative method for altering and/or reducing residual stresses in parts so that they do not distort during subsequent manufacturing processes and during the life of the part.

Vibratory stress relief is accomplished by vibrating the part at a particular frequency and amplitude for a short period of time thereby using a minute amount of energy and generating minute amount of pollution compared to a traditional heat treatment process.

Whether your specification mandates it or energy conservation is requested, Tri-State has the sophisticated equipment to make Vibratory Stress Relieving a viable choice.

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