Flame Hardening
Steel Alloys and Rolls! Cast and Ductile Irons!

A surface hardening process in which heat is applied by a high temperature flame followed by an appropriate quenching medium.

Tri-State's heat treating process on alloy steels, cast and ductile irons results in a hardening of the treated surface up to 1/8 inch deep, with minimal distortion. There are a host of benefits:
• Increased wear ability
• Reduced downtime and maintenance
• Increased production efficiency
• Less distortion
• Reduced finishing operations
• Shorter processing times

The Flame Hardening Process has four basic types:

Stationary Flame Hardening
Stationary flame hardening requires that the specified area be heated. Then the part is taken to quench or quench is brought to the part. This method is particularly well-suited for shaft ends, special steel casting configurations and large parts.

Progressive Flame Hardening
Progressive flame hardening involves the use of a flame head with integrated quench capability. The heat/quench head is moved along the part by various methods. This method is particularly well-suited for ways, flats, knives, and rolls.

Spin Hardening
Spin flame hardening requires the specified area being treated to be spun in front of the flame source. Then the part is then taken to quench. This method is particularly well-suited for gears, wheels and sprockets.

Combination Hardening
Combination flame hardening couples the progressive and spinning methods. The part being treated spins in front of the flame/quench head(s) and at the same time the flame/quench head(s) move along the length of the part.

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