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Tri-State Flame Hardening Company is Detroit's premier flame hardening and straightening manufacturing company who only works to the highest standards and quality in material and workmanship so as to create customer satisfaction and loyalty to our services and brand name.

We are committed to the following management creed:

Sincerity brings credibility, self respect, and a clear conscience.

Facing new demands by providing proven customer dedication combined with the very best material and workmanship.

Doing it right the first time. Pursuing the highest quality possible - Perfection.

Accepting any challenge with teamwork and dedication.

Tri-State Flame Hardening Company has been around since 1976. Our accumulated knowledge in all aspects of heat treatment and stress relieving offers our customers an unprecidented assurance of quality work, exceptionally short turn around, and at surprisingly competitive rates. The following is a short list of capital details:

Building Area 6500 Square Feet
Transport 1-1/2 Ton Flatbed
Oxygen Convertor 35,000 cu ft Capacity
Fuel Tanks 3,700 Gallons
Presses 150, 75, and 30 Ton
Instrumentation Clark
Tester Rockwell
Lathe 32 Inch Diamter
Magnetic Chuck 40 Foot Length

Our location is just south of Macomb Community College South Campus with easy access to I-696.




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