We Are the RUSH Service Experts!

Tri-State Flame Hardening Company prides itself on prompt and quality service.

MOBILE Hardening Service
Tri-State Flame has created a Mobile Hardening Service wherein we drive all the necessary equipment to your plant to perform on-site flame hardening! Particularly well-suited for large automotive dies, our expert team will actually crawl into your set-up to do the task. Give us a call when timing is of the highest priority!

Driver Wait Service
Tri-State Flame has instituted the unique ability to perform your request WHILE YOU WAIT! Simply provide minimal advance notice and you can bring your order to our door and have your driver wait while we do the work! Call us for details.

MOBILE Vibratory Stress Relieving
Tri-State Flame offers the benefits of Vibratory Stress Relieving brought right to your plant! All necessary equipment and personnel can be delivered to your location for unprecidented service and turn-around





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